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art direction,

Usually it’s some strange to make thoughts about your own identity. After about six months and hundreds (joke) of ideas i’ve finally found my solution.

Minimum color, maximum content and a possibility to decide, what i would like to do with every person who gets my business card. So, now i’m very glad to use my fully white cards, containing 50 fully white verbs. Every word can get activated by highlighting with green. The back is free to be written and drawn. I prefer to draw woods, where UFOs do land. Lovely letterpressed by gorgeous Letterjazz on 600 gr cotton linen cream with a transparent hot foil, 5,5 x 8,5, 500pcs. Magic lucky candies by Sch√∂nhaberei.

+ highlight your verbs
+ highlight FROM / FOR / ABOUT / TO / WITH / AT / OF
+ highlight YOU


A mini-suitcase with an activated business card and a handwritten piece of silver origami paper, folded to a mini envelope with two branded candies inside. To be sent to agencies and design studios. They need more sugar.


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