art direction,

Jun 2015

‘Couples need a room, not a judgement.’

No more 24 hours booking. No more running to check out before 12 noon. Young and cheeky indian start-up StayUncle offers you an opportunity to book one of the 10 hours slots currently available – 10am to 7pm or 9 pm to 8 am. And you pay for 10 hours tariffs. The best hotels in India are already partners of StayUncle. Pick your favorite 4 or 5 Star hotel and book a room for 10 hours. As a client you will never be left on the road or in dark corner. Ever. No matter from where and when you arrive.

the idea

How should a logo for such a hotel booking site from India look like? Well, at first it may show the time aspect about the possibility to book a room just for couple of hours. At second, such a chance must do every client happy. And at least: let’s point out, that the most clients of StayUncle come from India. My result is a happy indian man wearing indian turban which looks like a clock. That’s it.

‘couples need a room…’

The claim is not mine. But it boils the strategy down: the target group encloses young couples looking for a generous opportunity to spend some hours together without being disturbed.


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