Grandma's whole life
as folk cross-stitch
Diploma of my classmate and friend Olga Petrova. Visualisation of the whole life of Olga’s great-grandma Maria Ivanovna Ivanova based on memories written shortly before her death. English version. Russian and english versions are available on Olga’s vimeo. Music by great Dmitriy Malikov from the album Pianomania, track “Breath”.

The style: folk cross-stitch and embroidery is common in many traditions, also in slavic one. Everything in our animation has been made of such ornamentalic and jagged formed objects. If rolled out, the film would look like a traditional ukrainian cloth of linen, containing the whole life of our Marivanna… A real stitched branding, isn’t it?

Art Direction

Olga Petrova

ADC Germany 2010:
Talent/diploma of the year

Дыши! (Breath!)

Dmitry Malikov is a famous Russian actor, composer, singer and a recent record producer. His music project “Piano Mania” was the first large-scale instrumental production in the country that combined rich Russian classical music traditions, performance elements of world-famous symphonic orchestras, ethnic undertones, and contemporary arrangements. The show received critical acclaim and became a breakthrough event of the year. The album was released in March 2007 and sold more than 100,000 copies.

Deeply emotional track “Breath!” which we’ve used in our animation touchingly matches the story of death and birth, love and war, suffer and joy and never doesn’t let anybody halfhearted.

© Copyright Dmitry Malikov
Dmitry & Olga after their performance in Kremlin / Moscow

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