Viva Familienservice


Online agency for
home-care solutions
New logo, corporate identity & prints for Viva Familienservice, a german-wide online agency for home-care solutions. Today it’s a big team of dedicated specialists of family assistance & pedagogy. Viva works in accordance with modern standards and finds solutions for any compicated situation. Teamwork, intelligent service, appreciation and empathy – all that is Viva-family network.
Art Direction
Logo Redesign
Brand Guidelines

Violetta Reimelt
Jacqueline Schwope
the logo

Refreshing of the logo contained a careful reduction of some redundant details like the persons or serifs, which made the form a little bit too heavy. Furthermore we pointed out the modern curves of the roof and increased the spaces between the letters to achieve more sleaziness.
brochure design

The brochure has got a double cover. The second part is hidden behind the first one. When folding out, both cover pages show a face consisting of an old man and a boy. Such a generation-spanning design causes surprise and makes the brand more human and friendly.

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