Character design & Animation

Guys, meet Anne,
the coolest girl
in the hood!
Let me introduce you Anne, the girl which you can fall in love with. She is an absolutely awesome girl: smart, sporty and not a lazy sock at all. And the most important thing is: Anne is always up for fun. Due to she is half cat, half human, you should treat her gently and don't forget to buy her some whiskas.
Art Direction
Character Design

free project
Anne loves animals of every size, kind and mood. That's what i call unconditional love!
Anne is educated, very smart and assertive. She can tell you what to do, but at the same time, if the things get tough, she doesn't hesitate to personally lend a hand as well.
Anne can cook a soup of whiskas, the most delicious in the world! If you have a romantic date with her - buy some whiskas for her kitten. So you can score high marks!
Anne has a lot ot talents and is always full of fun. She can rock it every time but get a cute baby also :)
One of many crazy things about Anne is - the gravity doesn't seem to work on her properly. For example if riding a bike. But she is fully ok with that.

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