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Small, smart, premium
explainer videos made in Frankfurt.
2018 2019
Founded in 2010, Nutcracker has been one of the first agencies on the german market of explanation videos. As a small&smart multidisciplinary team of experienced and highly motivated copyrighters, illustrators, motion designers and producers this agency cracks more than 60 videos yearly and guarantees you a fun driven&individual professionality by every project.
Art Direction
Brand Guidelines

Klaus Schwope
Nutcracker Premium Videos
Despite deserved winning of huge amount of awards, NC is still permanently on the way towards self-developing and expanding. After recently refreshed our website in 2018, it was time to do the same with corporate identity as well.

In a nutshell, the main important innovation was to give the squirrel a personality. After years of being faceless and anonymous our funny and sneaky mascot can finally look at the camera and smile. By holding carefully a big nut (aka play button : ) the squirrel shows everybody, that all of views and likes in social media belongs to its agency. Indeed Nutcracker is taking goals very seriously and never loses concentration on whatever it is doing.
Furthermore, by using of new fonts, which playfully work together in colorful gradients and by adding of mixed levitating objects & abstract shapes in a fancy-look to the typography our new agency is finally able to score very highly for getting hiped and staying young. So, our crazy squirrel is ready now to rumble. Let’s go, dude! Crack this nut!

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